Danny Goo

Some artists have a sixth sense for fashion: it comes to them. Danny Goo is one. For years he’s been honing a pop-punk/sad-rap cocktail that’s now suddenly super-hot. Dropping on Atoned Music on July 15, his sophomore EP Butterflies makes an ultra-authentic grab for mainstream ubiquity alongside the likes of Machine Gun Kelly, Travis Barker, and Avril Lavigne.

Following a recent move with co-creator/producer JoJo Centineo from their native Dallas to L.A. and attracting heavy-hitter producer Kevin Thrasher (Barker, MGK, Lavigne etc.), Danny is perfectly poised for the next level – and beyond.

“It’s just kind of aligning,” he mulled off his giddying career arc. “It’s evolving into this, and this is what I’ve always wanted to do.”

Danny’s trademark heart-worn Gen-Z love songs are all the more impactful on Butterflies thanks to Thrasher’s guitar-oriented touch and collabs with Lil Lotus, Rich Zahnhiser (The Hippos), and Daniel Wonacott (Finch). It’s a lineup that reflects an inclusive, genre-blending sound that embraces emocore and emo rap, 2000s pop-punk, classic R&B melodies, and unashamed pop sensibilities, all enhanced with innate charisma and utterly here-and-now production.

“Thrasher knows what’s hot right now, because he’s working on what’s hot right now,” said JoJo. “He has, like, the sauce.”

Butterflies continues Danny’s vulnerable, confessional exploration of young love and loss. Distorted guitars and propulsive beats juxtaposed against Auto-Tuned melodicism and huge, optimistic hooks to create something both intimate and otherworldly, escapist yet super-relatable.

“This EP’s just me and my whole life story; moments in my life that I remember vividly and that affect me a lot,” Danny explained. “Most of it is relationship stuff – I’m a very, like, passionate, in-love kind of guy.”

First single “Safety Net” is a characteristically real Danny expression, laid typically bare. “A lot of people have something they want to hold on to,” he noted. “For me, it was a relationship. That whole song is me talking about looking for that feeling, even if it’s not totally healthy.”

Follow-up “Heart Attack” explores the exhilaration and frustrations of Danny’s first, secret love, while third single “Cut My Hair” recalls when, at age 17, he “did a Britney” by shaving off his signature long locks as a desperate post-breakup expression.

“I want people to feel like they’re not alone,” he concluded. “I was very straight-up with how I felt [on Butterflies] and I want to encourage people to be them – to be unapologetically them.”

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Photo by Jessica Christian