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Vegan Treats

When Bethlehem, PA native Danielle Konya went vegan 15 years ago because of her passion for animal rights, she realized that she had limited her ability to eat her favorite sweets. So, after years of experimenting and concocting original recipes to satisfy her overactive and overachieving sweet tooth, she founded VEGAN TREATS a decade ago, her independent and fully vegan bakery. Currently, she distributes throughout Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York City, and select shops in New Jersey, Virginia and Washington, DC. Her bakery’s incredible growth in the last decade has prompted her plans of moving her current retail store located in Bethlehem, PA to a larger location, as well as opening a wholesale and manufacturing facility so she can better serve the growing demand throughout the greater Northeast. In addition, she has just launched her new website to help spread the gospel of Vegan Treats.